Smoking Pipes and Cigars: What Tools Do You Need?

Much of the equipment needed to smoke pipes and cigars properly comes down to personal preferences. There isn't a single set of tools that is considered the best, as it largely depends on individual tastes. Pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from basic corn cobs to ornate carved pieces that are almost works of art. The right pipe for you is largely a matter of personal aesthetics.

Leather bags are a great way to carry your tobacco and pipe with you when you're on the go. New pipe smokers often inhale deeply to create thick clouds of smoke, similar to cigarettes. This technique, known as retrohalation, is an excellent way to explore the nuances of a tobacco and its flavors. However, most pipe smokers believe that tongue bite is caused by exposure to hot smoke and steam, resulting in a thermal burn. Ashtrays or holders for pipes are not essential, but they can be useful for displaying pipes when not in use or for leaving them on the floor while smoking.

If you have a corn cob pipe that you've been smoking for a while, you can tap it with your hand to remove any leftover tobacco. If the pipe makes a gurgling sound or sensation, it means that moisture has accumulated in the stem and needs to be cleaned more thoroughly. Pipe lighters are designed to light your tobacco pipe quickly and easily. Smoking at a slow pace creates cooler smoke which allows the oils in the tobacco to soften, while hot smoke releases vapor and burns them. Pipe accessories are designed to make the smoking experience more enjoyable.

Matches can also be used, but torches used for cigars may be too harsh for pipes as pipe lighters have a much cooler flame.