Does the Shape of a Pipe Really Matter?

When it comes to pipes, shape is more than just an aesthetic consideration. It can affect the comfort of the pipe while it is in the mouth, as well as the ease of smoking. Bent pipes are usually better for those who hold the pipe in their mouth, while straight ones work best when held in the hand. However, it is ultimately up to the individual smoker to decide which shape works best for them. When looking for a pipe, keep in mind that some shapes, especially less traditional ones, may be more difficult or uncomfortable to smoke.

A smoker may be drawn to an exotic shape such as a horn, but later find it unmanageable. Bent pipes generally offer a better center of gravity and are more comfortable to hold than a straight pipe of similar weight. Straight tubes with a larger weight or length are better suited for holding, while even larger bent tubes can be held comfortably if they have a properly balanced construction (the large Oom Paul design is famously comfortable to hold).The downside of bent pipes is that they are more likely to accumulate moisture at the base of the suction hole. Once you have become familiar with the art of pipe smoking and decide that you enjoy it, you can review your budget and know exactly what you are looking for.

Nowadays, many pipes come with a 9 mm filter, which is the most efficient way to filter out moisture and impurities (such as nicotine and tars). After this price range, which represents the standard factory pipe, the quality-to-price ratio is minimal and only applies to the most demanding pipe manifolds. At La Pipe Rit, you will find a wide variety of filters for pipes with different diameters (3, 4, 6 or 9 mm) that fit into the pipe's drilling. Additionally, how the pipe is packed, lit and smoked (calmly) will also play an important role. All pipe smokers enjoy the ritual of smoking in their own daily routine and how they want their pipe to fit into their life.

I often cover the pipe with my fingers once the coals have moved further down, to restrict airflow and encourage more smoke. All of these options are suitable for new pipe smokers; however, there are some features and styles that should be considered when looking at any particular pipe. Family pipes are still popular for two main reasons: they offer a much lower cost than buying an expensive pipe on its own; and they provide an opportunity to own a historic smoker from a company or artisan that is no longer in production. Some pipes come with a hybrid system which allows you to smoke your pipe with either a metal filter or a 9 mm one. The choice of tobacco and how it is smoked will also play an important role. Most importantly, all smokers should find a combination that works for them and makes them enjoy their smoking experience. Comfortable and very pleasant, these smoking pipes are usually preferred by women and are much appreciated for those moments of rest.

However, I don't recommend them to beginners who usually don't control the temperature of the pipe very well because they tend to suck or suck too hard.