What is the Most Popular Pipe Shape?

This is the most common form of a straight tube. A billiard has a straight stem and a straight bowl, placed at a 90-degree angle. The shank is usually the same length as the height of the bowl.

Hungarian-shaped pipes

, or Oom Paul, are some of the most bent smoking pipes ever.

It is the favorite shape of smokers who like to keep their pipe comfortably in the corner of their mouth, while their hands are free to do something else. Bent pipes were very popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but from 1919 to 1940, their popularity declined. They returned in the '50s and '60s, and are now as popular as they were a hundred years ago. Semi-folded ones, with less curvature, are also popular.

In Bents, you'll discover all the basic shapes that have been described so far. We can go back to billiards, which gives the full curve. There may be several variations depending on the size and manufacturer, but basically all of them are Full Bents. Those with thick legs are occasionally referred to as hunters.

Folded apples are quite common, and the folded pot is only made by a few manufacturers. The Bent-Prince is found in several collections and has acquired its own character and is sometimes found with an oval stem. Bent-Dublins are very attractive pipes and have become very popular; they are found in most collections, sometimes with diamond-shaped shanks. A notable type of Bent that has been a favorite for over a hundred years is the Hungarian Bent, which has parallel sides (like a tall pot) and is also known as OOP Paul, named after Paul Charger, the South African leader of the Boer War, who preferred this form. The Bulldog Bent has acquired its own name, Rhodesian, which is made with a round shank and can also be found in versions with a diamond handle.

In continental Europe, the Rhodesian is often called a sports pipe. Folded caps are generally larger than straight ones, but are more often found among freehand models. A final fold that takes shape on its own is the pumpkin, copied directly from the pumpkin seed, which is made from the hard shell of an African pumpkin and equipped with a bowl or liner of seafoam. Undoubtedly, the pumpkin is known as the favorite pipe of Sherlock Holmes, the favorite fictional character of every pipe smoker. The oval shape of the handle is actually the element that distinguishes the Canadian pipe from the Lovat and the Liverpool.

A long pipe was preferred so that “church guardians” could hold their pipe outside the church window and smoke during the worship service. If the pipe has all four sides of the bowl and all four sides of the shank, it is often referred to as Foursquare. The brandy pipe is easily held in the hand and also has the advantage that it has a fairly good wood thickness. We see that, even at the origins of the name Poker, the pipe has always been a practical pipe suitable for smokers. All brands produce this shape, which is highly appreciated by pipe smokers for its elegance and its elongated shape.

These pipes are manufactured in large quantities and are often in high demand among white-collar and working-class pipe smokers. The stem of the jug is usually very short, usually only half the height of the bowl. The jug tubes are generally small and very light. Since that great experience of conversion, I have spent many hours smoking and admiring pipes from the old tables of figures. This continuous attention on the part of workshops and individual artisans is what keeps traditional pipe craftsmanship a living tradition, which always inspires new derivatives and returns from every corner of pipe production.

Both the horn and amber have been used in most recent pipes, especially horn as an aesthetic ornament and tribute to historical methods with an enthusiastic reception by fans of old pipes. Popularly thanks to Savinelli model 320, Author has recently become one of most popular pipe shapes for both serious smokers and beginners alike. Their bowl and shank are very thick making them heat resistant and less fragile when shank removed from pipe. This family of pipes which became famous thanks to old Sherlock Holmes movies is more than just famous pumpkin seeds. The rounded shape of shank actually only element that distinguishes Liverpool pipe from Canadian one (latter has oval shank).