Lighting a Cigar for an Even Burn

When it comes to lighting a cigar, it's important to do it right in order to ensure an even burn. An uneven burn can create a big mess and make the cigar uncomfortable to smoke. To avoid this, keep the flame a few inches away from the foot of the cigar when lighting it. Additionally, turn the cigar over the flame while lighting it.

If the cigar still burns unevenly, let it go out and cut off the foot that is just behind the ash before relighting it. If you're constantly blowing against one side of the cigar, that side will burn faster. To prevent this, slowly swirl the cigar in your hand while lighting it. It's also important to wait thirty seconds or one minute between each puff to ensure that enough air and oxygen pass through it to maintain continuous burning.

It's not uncommon for a premium cigar like Cohiba Esplendido to burn irregularly for a minute or two when you start smoking, but in most cases, a well-made cigar will self-correct when you smoke it. To get the perfect light, use a lighter designed specifically for cigars and a flame that is wide enough that you can easily light it. Avoid using lighters with chemicals as they can ruin the taste of the cigar. When dealing with mixed-fill cigars, keep in mind that their smaller components don't burn as fast as long-fill cigars. This can result in flaky ash or irregular burning.

To prevent this, make sure you light the cigar correctly each time.