Types of Tobaccos Used in Pipes and Cigars

When it comes to smoking, there are two main options: pipes and cigars. Although they are often grouped together, there are some key differences between the two. The type of tobacco used is one of the main distinctions, as pipe tobacco is usually finely cut or processed, while premium cigars are made with whole leaf tobacco. The time and effort involved in smoking is also different between pipes and cigars.

When it comes to the type of tobacco used, regular and aromatic pipe tobacco is cut into thin strips so that it can be packed in a pipe. This type of tobacco generally has a higher moisture content than non-aromatic cigars and has a pleasant smell and taste. On the other hand, cigar tobacco is mainly harvested in Central America and the Caribbean, with Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic being key players in the industry. The flavor of a cigar depends largely on the type of wrapper, binder and filling sheets that are selected for the mix.

Unlike pipe tobacco, which uses a uniform flavor, cigar tobacco blends several different crops, and even uses plants from completely different countries to create a complex smoking experience within a single cigar. Whole leaves are even used throughout the cigar as part of the wrapper; this is not the case with pipe tobacco. The types of tobaccos used in pipes and cigars vary greatly. Aromatic cigars, Cavendish cigars, smoked cigars, English cigars, Oriental cigars, VaPer cigars, and Virginia cigars are all popular options. Corjo, Pilot, Habano, Connecticut Shade, Sumatra and Cameroon are some of the varieties of cigar tobacco available.

Latakia is often used together with sun-cured tobacco due to its nutty and bittersweet taste. When it comes to accessories such as cutters, lighters, ashtrays, humidors and tube handlers for pipes and cigars, there is a wide range of options available at different price points. Whether you're looking for something basic or something luxurious from a high-end brand, there's something for everyone.