How to Properly Hold a Cigar in Your Mouth

Smoking a cigar is a popular pastime for many men, but it can be intimidating for those who are new to the activity. Knowing how to properly hold a cigar in your mouth is essential for enjoying the experience and avoiding any mishaps. Here are some tips on how to hold a cigar without inhaling. First, hold your cigar in your hand and gently press your lips around it. Don't put half the cigar in your mouth or chew on it.

Talking with a cigar in your mouth is also not recommended. Do not saturate the tip of the cigar with saliva, as this can make it difficult to light. When you light the cigar, hold it in your hand to support its weight. This will also help you rotate the cigar as you smoke it. If you find that the tip of the cigar is becoming too moist, don't worry – a little moisture is fine and can make it easier to rotate. Once you've lit the cigar, draw on it and then continue holding it with your mouth and hand to give it more support.

It's important not to squeeze the cigar with your teeth, as this can damage the structure of the smoke. Finally, be aware of which end of the cigar is which. Before reading this, many people confuse the foot with the head of their cigars and end up sticking ash in their mouths.