The Best Ways to Store Pipes and Cigars

Tupperware is a great and cost-effective way to store pipe tobacco, known as a tupperdor. For smoking pipes, racks are the most popular storage option, with many different types available to fit any number of pipes. Generally, shelves can hold up to five pipes or one for each day of the week. For short-term storage, pipe humidifiers are ideal. These humidifiers come with a humidifier to maintain the moisture content.

The pipes can be made of ceramic, metal, wood or glass with a non-absorbent cork. Cigars require between 65% and 70% relative humidity, while pipe tobacco may need a different level. Adding water or other moisturizing products to stored tobacco pipes or tobacco is not recommended. There are many ways to store pipe tobacco, depending on personal preferences, budget and the amount of tobacco. After bringing it home, unpack and store it in a jar or smoke it quickly with other pipe smokers. When putting something damp like pipe tobacco into a dry humidor, it will start to release moisture and the wood will absorb it naturally.

A damp pipe can be unpleasant to smoke, as it will have a musty taste and will be turned off regularly. Contrary to popular belief, pipe tobacco can be stored in a cigar humidor. The most affordable and accurate way to store pipe tobacco is by using Boveda moisture packs. For those who don't want to open their collection and feel the tobacco, this is an easy approach. Tobacco storage jars are also a traditional solution and a favorite of many pipe smokers.