What Size Cigar Should I Smoke? A Guide for Cigar Enthusiasts

Contrary to popular belief, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing the right size cigar. Many people think that bigger people should avoid small cigars, while smaller people should stay away from larger ones. However, this is not the case. The key to a pleasant smoking experience is to ensure that the cigar contains 12 to 14% of its total weight in moisture, which corresponds to a relative humidity of 60 to 70%.

This can reach up to 75%.The vitola of a cigar refers to both its length and thickness. Length is measured in inches, while thickness is measured in 64 eighths of an inch. It's important to note that dry cigars will cause their essential oils to evaporate early, reducing their flavor and aroma. One of the most popular sizes among cigar lovers is the Corona Gorda, also known as Toro.

It's 5 inches long and has a 42-ring caliber, offering an excellent balance between robust size and flavor intensity. It won't require a two-hour commitment or accumulate too much tar. When selecting a cigar size, it's important to consider your situation and choose one that will provide the right amount of time for smoking. The aroma and flavor of a cigar are mainly derived from the tobacco used for its filling and packaging. In the United States, all cigarettes must meet the same measurement standard. However, their shapes and sizes vary greatly. Finally, all California residents must pay an 8.75% sales tax at tobacco stores for cigars and tobacco products only, plus an additional 65.08% excise tax during checkout.