How to Store Cigars Without a Humidor: An Expert Guide

Cigars are a luxurious treat that require special care and attention. If you've recently received a box of cigars as a gift or are just starting out with your cigar collection, you'll need to make sure you store them correctly. Incorrect storage can cause cigars to expire, so it's important to keep them humidified, especially if you live in a cold or desert climate. The most common method of keeping cigars fresh is to store them in a humidifier, but if you don't have one, there are other ways to keep your cigars in perfect condition. A regular Ziploc bag and a damp sponge is all you need to store one or three cigars.

Simply grab a large freezer bag and place the sticks inside. Then, wet the new sponge and remove any excess water. Place the sponge in the bag and close it tightly. The sponge will keep the configuration wet for several weeks, but be sure to check the cigars from time to time to make sure the sponge hasn't dried out. If you don't have a stylish humidifier for your collection, you can easily make your own with a cooler, a Tupperware container, or even a plastic bag with a seal.

Of all of them, the plastic bag is the least permanent solution. Most premium cigars are packaged in wooden boxes, some of which can be quite elaborate and very decorative, however, most of them don't work as humidifiers. A box (or package) of cigarettes that is wrapped in an outer layer of cellophane will help keep cigars cool and protected for a short period of time. Cellophane is very common and has a number of great benefits that protect cigars from possible unwanted damage during the shipping process and when they are displayed on store shelves; however, it does not preserve the freshness or moisture of the cigarette. Most humidors are made of cedar or are made with a cedar coating on the inside, as cedar reacts pleasantly with moisture and retains the natural flavor that cigars possess. To know how to keep cigarettes fresh, you only need to make sure of one thing: they maintain the same temperature as the environment in which the cigars were produced.

By doing so, cigars can retain moisture and also remove the excess moisture that normally causes a cigarette to become discolored. Ideally, 70% humidity and 70 degrees are optimal conditions for storing cigars, but a general range between 65 and 72% humidity and 65 to 72 degrees is considered acceptable. However, storing cigars in the original box won't keep them cool or humidified beyond a few days. Regular cigar maintenance and a constantly humidified space that is specifically optimized for cigars are crucial if you want to enjoy your cigars to the fullest. When you're dealing with an accredited merchant, your cigars should be in top condition when you buy them, and that's basically the same condition you'll want to maintain.